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Avoiding Fraud When Working from Home with eBay

Selling goods on the Internet is a great place where lots of money can be made. eBay is the one main place well known by people all over the globe. The good thing about it, is eBay is popular, and this also is its downfall. With the popularity of it all, there is vast potential of fraud. The big question is how do we avoid scams while you work at home with eBay.

To be clear I’m not saying that eBay are rip offs – far from it really. There are loads of reputable sellers on eBay. In general, most of the people are dependable and are trying to do right by you. That being said there are unscrupulous companies claiming to be business partners of eBay being fraudulent. This is why avoiding fraud while working at home with eBay is an important issue to cover.

Take a look on eBay. All these wonderful products to sell, and a lot of them are at bargain prices. Here’s the key, if designer bags are being priced so low and your thinking, it cant be? -your probably right . Does the vendor know if this is wrong: Possibly? Here’s some tips to help you inadvertently selling counterfeit products.

First, do you know the sellers?. Where did you get the goods? Are they dependable? Don’t rely on the length of service they have provided as a sign that they sell good products. There are great trades to be had, nevertheless, when you step into the higher-end products and antiques and collectibles that are rare, be careful. For example, In North Carolina, the local market square had a vendor that was there week after week, selling designer handbags and shoes at incredibly low prices. That was exactly like designer bags would look like. All marks where in the exact places as the designer one. There were a lot of people who bought and resold the bags not only on eBay but other online sites as well. Unfortunately, these products were fake and the market square was searched. There were 11 people arrested. Buyers beware!

Another scam that you might encounter is a company that offers drop ship services. Few of these vendors are claiming to be certified eBay. For your information- eBay does not have certified vendors. They may have agreements with a few, but most of them involve PowerSellers. How do you tell a drop shipping business is legit? Take a look on their website. Will you need to give your credit card to see prices? Are they offering a “special offer” to create your eBay business just for a yearly subscription? Is there a number of customer service displayed on the site? Do they respond – call the number and check it out. If you have to give your credit card or maybe other payment information for information on pricing – then run NOT walk to another supplier. A legitimate seller may request your tax ID number , mayber even your resale tax number, however they should not expect that you provide your credit card to obtain money.

They special offe rhave they got going? Why should you have to pay them, when you can create your eBay business at no cost? Did you have to enroll in this plan for the Drop Shipping? This seems a little suspicious to me.

An ideal way to check into a potential supplier isn’t through Better Business Bureau. Alternatively, check your State Attorneys General’s Office in the state your currently in, and the State in which the business claims to be in. This does not cost anything to explore. You should get a response right away. The other place to check up on is to check if the company’s registered. Check the State Department of the Treasury. You ought to be able to see if a company is complying with the state laws and also the reporting processes. If not, then seek out someone else.

Overall, just put a bit of attention and be cautious when trying to avoid scams while your working at home with eBay. Be sure to know what you buy and sell. Carefully check all contractors. This way you’ll be sure that you get genuine bargains.

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