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Setting up a Home Business on eBay and How To Do It

A lot of people are wanting to know, just how to create a home business using eBay working from home. This is depending on what it is you’re selling, There are some aspects that all sellers should be follow. Laying down the right foundation for any kind of business is a very important step. It’s like constructing a home, any business built on solid foundations will last for many years. Neglecting this information may result in any eBay business is not as good as one would like.

First, make sure you have a camera – digital is preferred and access to the Internet -preferably at home. Not having these items will make it difficult to sell items on eBay. Ensure you have a PayPal and bank account . Although PayPal is not a requirement to be able sell on eBay, however it’s the simplest way to accept payments online if you don’t already have a current merchant account. Find a place in your house, garage, or maybe even rent a storage container to store your inventory. Make sure that the rental unit is free of rodents and pests. The same applies if you store them in a garage or attic. If it is possible, not to smoke in the designated area you plan to have your inventory.

Now that you have the basics in place. Think, am I ready to sell? Unsure? There is still some parts to cover. Check your zoning laws for operating a business at home . If your zone has a homeowner or homeowner associations and covenants that can be restrictive in your neighborhood, make sure you can legally operate a business from home. At the beginning of this there may not be problems, but when you begin to get large shipments more than once or twice a week, you may have a zoning violation or HOA POA rule, and someone will complain. Request any possible variances now, long before your business is in full swing. Only a couple more things to do before starting to sell, obtain a sales tax ID or resale certificate. To buy from as many distributors this is needed. Otherwise, you will be charged the retail price or they may not even sell to you. You could sell under your name, or fake name file for a DBA. DBA is doing business as. Then you can open up a bank account under the name of the company after submitting the necessary documents. Lastly, be ready to file quarterly tax returns. If you’re self employed and earn money quarterly, you must file this. Now you’re ready to go and sell on eBay.

You’ve discovered the basics of creating a business on eBay working from home. The foundation is now in place. And now do we do? You must have an eBay Identification. It’s simple to register with eBay. Head to and fill in the registration form. You will need your credit card for verification of who you are. Now you have it all in place to begin selling. Nearly, what are you selling? Before you answer, I suggest you go have a look and find on eBay what sells and the items are appealing to you. Sell some of the unwanted items you have is a good suggestion, since it generates capital for the business and gets rid of the undesirable products in your home. Also you will get an idea just how eBay runs.

These are the same reasons I set up a business on eBay to work from home . There are many points that you should tackle such as selecting the products, market research, finding accounting software or an accountant and much more. Before going to spend lots of money, work through the basic steps and discover how fortunate you are with selling a few items. Then you will see whether working from home on eBay is your kind of thing. This article is designed to provide you with the basics, so working from home on eBay starts on a solid foundation.

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