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Working From Home on eBay and Getting Beyond the Basics

So, you know about working from home using eBay and how to do it. You’ve done it for some time and would like to take business past the basic steps. There are things that you might be willing to do from this point. Let’s have a look.

First let’s take a look at your ratings on eBay. To start entering the advanced features, you need to have a score of 10 or more. 20 is needed to open up an eBay store, then next 30 is needed for some auctions for multiple items. Instead of a necessary rating, you can choose to be verified with your ID on eBay.

Now you understand the ratings, where are you on this scale? With a score of 10 or more, the Buy It Now selection will be available to you for your auctions. This could really assist with your sales. An excellent idea for marketing is pricing the buy it now, then transportation is added into the sale price. Make sure to inform your customers that delivery is free to buy it now. You’ll attract more clients this way than any other option on eBay. It’s worth the small fee to buy now.

Scoring 20 or more, you can open a store on eBay. Think about it long and hard before doing so. Store base is $ 15.95 per month. Each shop listing, which isn’t a auction will cost 0.05 for every 30 days and surcharges for the add-ons. It will increase very rapidly if the stock is just sitting there. Considering the shop, you should sell at least $ 100.00 at minimum or 10 articles per month continuously for three straight months. Then there is the experience and support to maintain the customer base for the store.

You can guide your eBay store toward the next level. ProStores: They are a company on eBay that provides the interaction between your online store and eBay stock-traders’. You will have a domain of your own, they contribute to the site. There’s three layers of service. When you’re set to pay a $ 40.00 monthly for eBay store promotions and websites to consider the promotion of ProStores.

More advanced methods on working from home using eBay, which will take you further than basics, are having set sale prices for auctions with multiple amounts. You must be an authorized eBay member at the minimum of 14 days, and need to be rated at 30 or more. If you’ve got a PayPal account and its verified, your rating requirement drops 15 This kind of auction is to sell products that you have inventory of. For example, there is a case of kitten toys. You could list singularly on an auction at a fixed price for an amount of cat toys for sale, say 144 at 3.00 each. Buyer may order just one or even more, and the list does not close, and the available quantity is reduced. It ‘s similar to purchasing from a shop online. This is so much easier than writing the same auction, fixed 144 times. This works out to be cheaper as well.

There is many tools you can use once you’re selling regularly. Selling Manager Pro and also the Selling Manager are ways to track eBay auctions and your inventory . Turbo Lister is a tool that can quickly help list items you have up for sale. It’s much easier designing your online auctions off-line, then uploading them all at the one time. It saves effort and time. All these items are offered on the eBay website.

You can get heaps of free or inexpensive tools, that will help you with auction designs. Some of those programs may also include “turbo-listing”. When you list 10 items once a week or even more, you may begin using the software that will automate the cataloging process. When you begin designing your own auctions try and get them all consistent in appearance. Therefore after a small period of time ‘to get auction buyers know by the design it is your auction. This will aid you produce a theme for your business from home on eBay. This is called branding.

In general, to take your business beyond basics is not hard. You already have the know how on working on eBay from home , now all you have to do is work smarter.

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