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How to Build a Customer Base From Home on eBay

Having a successful business you need to have customers. Because without buyers your business is very likely to fail rapidly. Do you want to learn how to stay at home and work on eBay? Build yourself a good customer base. This isn’t as hard as you think and additional contribution will pay off tenfold.

So what’s a customer base? A customer base is the basis for people who bought from you previously, and can literally be a gold mine. It ‘s easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than it will be to go and find new ones. Majority of articles on selling on eBay and how to sell, will touch base on what to sell from your listing, but only some articles or books touch base on your current customer base and talks about how to effectively apply this information to heighten sales and profitability.

All sales should be as important as the other. Treat each customer as the main customer and business and their business will come back if asking for it. That’s the key. Ask customers for their business frequently, it is key to running a productive eBay business at home. Acquiring clients returning business is not hard, just ask.

Here’s how to create repeat business customers. Start your wish list. Ask the customer at each sale, what the specific item in the category they’re are looking towards. This works particularly well with antiques, collectibles, vintage and designer clothing, books and other categories of media. When the customer receives the item and know that they are satisfied with their purchase, because you give excellent customer service, then ask the customer if they have any products they may like you to find for them and also, ask if you could email them auction listings that might interest them, most do opt for this idea. Also, ask if they would like to subscribe to the newsletter. That’s right, your going to need a newsletter.

The newsletter is and why having one is important. Customers have a short memory. If they don’t hear from you at least once a month, they forget about you. The idea is to pass on the information they’d need and want without being bothersome. This is when a newsletter comes into play. Advise your customers that subscribers to the newsletter get promotion discounts that others won’t have. Your don not have to make your newsletter long. You’re not writing to a public newspaper, just a side not exceeding 600 words. Remember that it will release by e-mail, and there is people who still use dial-up internet. Have a subject of general interest for your customers, lets say for example you sell collectible items, write down a small part about how to detect counterfeit collectibles on eBay. So then you should offer them a discount for any purchase or be in to win an auction this month. For example, offer them free gift wrapping in November. Place a code so that when they opt to pay online, then they can be in touch with you in regards to the special in the newsletter.

So now you have a customer list, here’s how you work at home on eBay applying this information. Check the clients wish list before ordering stock and after you have received the shipment. If there is an item that’s being sought after, and it has been received by you, email your client and advise them that this item is going up on the auction. When you place the product, offer a choice to Buy It Now on the auction for the customer to buy quickly if they wish. Remember to ask if they would like to update their wish list. Good communication with you and your clients will turn into repeat business. It is a technique used by many PowerSellers, but they don’t like to share this with others.

You now have the instruments you need and knowledge to work at home on eBay. Construct yourself a customer basis and make sure to keep in touch with them. This will ensure your business grows.

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