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Items That You Can Not Sell on eBay

Before listing your item on eBay you should make sure that it is not on the list of prohibited or restricted items. In this article we will be covering 2 reasons why there are prohibited and restricted items and what items come under these 2 main reasons.

1. Items that will break the laws and government health codes
Any product that could cause an illness is prohibited from being sold on eBay. This of course is common sense but having the main things itemized below should help you understand this a bit better. The following items and not the only things, but are the main things that people may think of selling on eBay.

– Clothing
Used underwear cannot be sold at all on eBay. Athletics supporters, briefs, boxer shorts, G strings, jock straps, thongs and panties are all prohibited items.

Used clothing can be sold on eBay as long as it is stated clearly that the clothing is second-hand.

– Used Cloth Diapers / Nappies
These are allowed to be sold as long as it is stated very cleary that the nappies have been cleaned according to the manufacturers standards.

– Used Cosmetics
Used cosmetics and make up sponges or applicators are not allowed

Opened but unused cosmetics can be sold as long as the seller states very clearly that the item has been open.

– Food Items
All food items that have expired are not allowed to be on sold it eBay. Non pasteurised dairy products as well as fruit or vegetable juice that has not been pasteurised are also prohibited.

– Human Remains and Parts of the Body
Humans, the human body, all parts of the human body such as organs cannot be listed on eBay.

There are two exceptions to this rule. Items that contain human hair from the scalp such as lockets or wigs are acceptable. Also clean non Native Americans skulls and skeletons used for medical research only.

2. Items that are illegal or restricted in countries
What may be ok to sell in one country may not be ok to sell in another country so you must research items that are not “common”. However, there are certain items that are illegal or restricted in most countries and the list below touches on each.

– Counterfeit currency and stamps

– Embargoed goods and prohibited countries
An example of a prohibited country would be items from Cuba going into the United States.

– Endangered animals and products
This area includes mounted specimens or products made from the skin or other parts of the animal such as ivory.

– Drugs and drugs paraphernalia

– Items that encourage illegal activity
For example an ebook explaining how to make methamphetamine.

– Stolen property and property with the serial numbers removed

– Lock picking tools

– Military items, firearms, weapons and knives

– Government documents, IDs and licenses

– Government, transit and shipping related items.
Examples in this category would include plane operations manuals, transport employee uniforms and postal service mailbags.

– Electronic equipment
Radar or laser jamming devises that could interfere with the police radar system are prohibited as well as any equipment that says they can change the traffic lights.

Electronic surveillance equipment such as phone bugging devices or wiretapping equipment are under this category

– Multilevel Marketing programs
As well as the multilevel marketing programs also included in this list are pyramid, matrix and ponzi schemes.

– Offensive Material
Nazi memorabilia as well as ethnically or racially offensive material comes under this category.

– Personal Relationships and Services
You are not allowed to offer personal relationships including online or in person. Nor are you allowed to offer to become friends on the social networking sites such as facebook. Listings for dating and escort services are also prohibited.

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