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What is an eBay Business?

An eBay business is an online business that is at eBay where you can tap into the large customer base in order to sell your products.

As with any business, you need to make sure that you have a plan of exactly how you are going to create your business.

You need to understand what products will see and what do not sell well. You also need to know what it is like to be a buyer and one of the best ways to get an insight into this is by becoming a buyer before you start your business.

Setting up an eBay store is similar in setting up a physical shop. You find a name for your shop, just as you find a name for your eBay shop. This is called the eBay ID.

You then need to stock your shop. If you have a physical shop you will display your products. In your eBay shop you do this by taking photos and describing your products in detail.

Next you will need to market your shop and market your items. For your physical shop you may take adds out in the papers or produce flyers. For an eBay shop, you need market your products through the internet.

Finally you need to generate customer satisfaction. In eBay you can get customer feedback and good feedback means high customer satisfaction which in turn will help enhance your reputation online at eBay.

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