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Selling on eBay

If you are just starting out and are testing the waters to see to learn how to sell on eBay, or you have been selling on eBay for a while, these general tips are to help you get the most out of selling on eBay.

Firstly you must research the product that you are thinking of selling. Find products similar to yours on eBay to try and get a figure of the price that it is selling for.

Research the closed auctions to find out what you could expect your product to sell for as well as to work out what you should start the starting bid at.

A picture says a thousand words so always include a picture of your product. Make sure that the picture has mainly the product showing. Remove anything that is not relevant to your picture.

Create a clear title and a full description explaining exactly what the product is, if it is new or used and of so if it is worn or damaged. Be honest.

State clearly what the shipping costs will be and when the product will be shipped, for example: “Product will be shipped within 7 days after payment has been received”.

Start your auction during the week so it will finish in the weekend. As most people are not working in the weekends they have more time to be able to sit and wait until the last minute to put in their bid. Aiming to have the auction end on Sunday evening is good as this technique has been successful for most sellers.

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