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Writing an eBay Description

Once you have gained a buyers interest with the great title that you have written and they click your listing, they will be taken to your description. You have to maintain the buyers interest and here are some tips to help you write great descriptions.

It is important to include as much as possible in the description – sometimes thinking to yourself “What would I like to know about this?” then answering that will help.

The more information that you can give the less likely that you will be asked lots of questions. A well written, informative description will also let your prospective buyers know that you have taken the time to to give as much information as possible.

Here are some things that you should absolutely have in the description.
1. What the item is
2. The title
3. The maker or marketer or artist or author if known
4. Marks or other identifiers
5. What it is made of
6. The dimensions
7. The condition
8. Any other special features or history
9. Shipping information and when the item will ship
10. Payment methods

If the product is a book, then it is a good idea to also put in a plot summary.

Make sure that you are honest! Do not say Near New if the book is tattered and falling apart!

Make sure that you have correct spelling throughout your description.

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