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Writing an eBay Title

Your eBay title is what buyers will see first, so make sure that it is relevant to your product!

Don’t waste your title space by putting in things like Look or Great Deal or Low Price as no one searches for that!

A good title will always have the main things in it, for example, brand name, maker, artist, or author to give you an idea.

Here is a sample of an eBay title taken from the book section:

Peter Corris – FREE POST OFFER!
Now is the a book called FREE POST OFFER! Or is Peter Corris the author or the name of the book? There are no bids on this and the auction is closing in 3 minutes. I am not surprised!

It could be re-written like this:
PETER CORRIS – Book: The Undertow – 2006 Paperback Edition Near New

This has the name of the author (Peter Corris) the name of the book (The Undertow) the fact that it is a paperback book, the edition and the state of the book (Near New)

Now if you were looking for Peter Corris books, and did a search for Peter Corris books the second example would come up and not the first example as the word book is not in it.

Look for similar items that you are selling and study how the titles are done. You will soon see what works (by the fact that there are bids) and what doesn’t.

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