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How to Price Your Items on eBay

Many people do not realize the importance of getting the pricing right when running eBay auctions. While eBay is an auctions site, these auctions are different from the kind of auctions that you would attend offline.

Basically there are three types of prices for any eBay auction, which are explained below.

Starting Bid Price
This price must be set price out of all of the pricing options. It is a good idea to set this price low as this will encourage people to bid on your auction. Never put this price higher than $50 regardless of the value of your item.

Reserve Price
If you set a low starting bid price then you MUST set a reserve price. This price is the lowest that you will accept for the item that you are selling. You don”t have to sell below your reserve price if you don’t want to, but you can if you want.

Buy It Now
This option lets you set a price so that buyers can buy the item straight away without having to bid for it. You can use this for any type of auction and it should be set to match your reserve price, give or take a few dollars. This is really a great option if you have many multiple and identical items to sell.

The one other price that you need to take into account is a shipping price. Many buyers take shipping into account when they are looking at items to sell. If you can offer free shipping this could help to make your item more attractive to potential buyers.

Before setting your prices you need to find out what the items that you are selling are worth on eBay. Find items similar to yours and watch the auctions for a while to see how they sell and what they sell for. Also, note which ones offer free shipping and see how those auctions compare to the ones that don’t. What is the difference apart from the free shipping?

If you are selling collectible items or high priced items, it may pay to get the item valued first to make sure that you are not loosing money!

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