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eBay Drop Shipping

If you hope for your own eBay business and have plenty of time, you can make that dream into a reality – even if you do not have your own product to sell.

eBay has many people who want to leave their nine to five jobs a way to make a good living, without having a lot of capital to get started. This is quite possible through drop shippers.

Drop shippers send goods to customers for business owners. If you have an eBay business, you’re a business owner. This allows you to offer a wide range of stock at your store, without the need to stock all of those products!

Simply create your own auction and sell the product. You can then pass on customer data to a drop shipping company. The drop shipper does the rest and they’ll even use your company details and logo of your business if you give it to them. When the product reaches the customer’s home, they have no idea that your company does not send it. The drop shipper will package, label and ship the products you sell, leaving you more time to create even more auctions, for more profit.

You need to establish a good relationship with the drop shipping companies in order to succeed. Initially most companies will want you to pay in full with a credit card for the items that your customers have ordered before they will ship them. Finally you’ll be able to get the drop shipper to fill your orders and they will bill you later.

Once you have set up the eBay auctions, you need to make sure that the minimum price is fixed above the drop shippers charge. The idea is to make sure that you earn a profit! Depending on the item you are selling, the margin by approximately 10% is right, but you will need to do research first to find out if the item is sold at a lower price from another eBay auction, and other online sources.

If you start an eBay Business by the method of drop shipping, there is virtually no financial risk. The product will have been sold and you will have received the payment before you need to pay the drop shipper to ship the item. By using this method, you can make a profit before you have any expenses.

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