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How to find a Good Wholesale Supplier Or Drop Shipper

There are many places on the net that will sell goods wholesale. Sadly there are also a lot of places on the net that have shady practices when it comes to selling goods wholesale. Some of the issues that you can come across is products not delivered on time or delivered at all or trouble talking to someone about the issues that you may have.

Working your way through the minefield to be able to find a wholesale supplier who provides good products, good prices and good service can be quite hard.

If you are running an eBay business and use a wholesale supplier or drop shipper that does not deliver what is promised you run the risk of having your reputation points lowered by an unhappy customer. Your eBay reputation is not something that you would want to risk.

So what is the best way to find good wholesale suppliers and drop shippers?

You can spend hours and hours on the net searching for wholesale suppliers or drop shippers. When you have found a few that stock the products you would like to sell you then can spend more hours on the net researching if the wholesaler or drop shipper has a good track record or a poor track record.

However there is another option that will save you time and that is to use a wholesalers directory. There are many wholesalers directories on the net and again you would need to spend time researching how good these wholesalers directories really are.

Some of the wholesalers directories are just lists of wholesalers for different products and nothing else. I have been horrified to read some of the reports that details the shady practices of some the wholesale directories.

SaleHoo on the other hand is a directory of wholesale suppliers do not make it into the directory until they have been tested first. This testing involves ordering products and checking that the quality of products as well as the delivery time is as stated. Products are not ordered as a SaleHoo order, it is ordered as an ordinary person.

Once a wholesale supplier makes it into the directory it does not just stop there. All members of SaleHoo can also enter a rating of a particular supplier whenever they use them.

There is also a discussion board for members where you can find more information from people who actually use the wholesale suppliers that you are interested in.

The SaleHoo’s directory covers 75 different categories and if there is a category that they do not have in you’re interested in they will do everything that they can to find wholesale suppliers for you absolutely free.

Visit SaleHoo Today and sign up for their free newsletter. You can also check out more information there and see screenshots and what else they offer.

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