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The Art of Feeback on eBay

Your feedback rating is vital to establish a good reputation and to instill into buyers confidence in dealing with you. If you have bad feedback your sales will drop. If you have good feedback your sales will grow. To understand this, think about it this way: Would you buy from someone who does not have good feedback? If the product is something that you really want, you can not get it anywhere else and the price is right you may take the risk and buy from someone with low feedback. However, if the same product is sold by another eBay seller with better feedback, you would buy from that buyer.

You must maintain your feedback rating and steadily grow it. This article gives you points and tips of how to do this.

From the moment that you product is listed for sale, make sure that you answer all questions that perspective buyers ask promptly. If a buyer asks a question then is successful in buying your product, they will remember that you answered and were helpful.

Once you have sold a product, make sure that you contact the successful buyer, email them when you have sent the product, and send a followup email a week later to make sure that they received your product. This kind of personal touch will be remembered by the buyer when they give feedback.

If you receive prompt payment, then leave feedback for the buyer. Often this will remind the buyer to leave you feedback.

The more communication that you have with your buyers, the more feedback you can gain.

So if you are just starting out, how can you gain good feedback? Again the key is communication. Make sure that you list your products clearly. You answer any questions promptly and courteously. You contact the successful buyer to advise them of the shipping timeframe and followup a week later to see that they received the product.

Following these simple tips will help you on the way to create a Successful eBay Business.

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