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7 Profitable eBay Categories

Knowing where to start can be daunting, so here are 7 profitable eBay categories to help you get started. Each of the categories are large, but you will be able to see that there are alot of niches that are in them.

1. Clothing, Shoes and Accessories
This is a great category as there are so many niches, for example, plus size t-shirts, novelty hats and comfort shoes. Naturally there are far more niches within this category than I have mentioned, but those are just examples to give you an idea.

Clothing is also easy to sell and ship, and best of all, clothing is something that is always needed.

Selling tip: Always give buyers as much information as possible in your eBay listings, especially about the item’s size. This helps buyers to assess whether it will fit them – one factor which can easily cause uncertainty in potential buyers.

2. Collectibles
Without a doubt, eBay is the world’s most popular place to buy and sell collectibles. Collectibles cover almost everything, from cards and stamps, to medals, war artifacts, comics, branded items such as Coco Cola and much more.

If you collect something, this may be the niche and profitable category that you were looking for.

Sourcing Tip: Visit yard and estate sales, garage sales, boot sales, flea markets, galas and fairs for merchandise which you can buy very cheaply and sell on to make a profit. You can also rummage around in second hand shops as you may find a bargain.

3. Electronics
This is possibly the most competitive, yet potentially profitable markets on eBay – particularly when it comes to items such as iPods and mobile phones. The best way to approach this market is in a big way – to really make a profit, you will need to do a big bulk buy and sell in big volumes. Consider supplementing your product range with accessories such as iPod skins, spare cords, or hands free kits for mobile phones.

Another way to source Electronics is drop shipping. If you are not too sure about this, vist our Drop Shipping Category to find out more.

4. CDs and DVDs
This is another highly competitive market. Did you know that eBay sells over 1 million DVDs and CDs and each month? However, for every one million sold, there are around 2 million listed. The trick to making it in DVDs and CDs is to sell in a niche – go outside of mainstream movies and TV series’, or music albums and find a new niche market like exercise DVD’s, classic films or learning languages.

5. Games and Gaming Systems
Many gaming enthusiasts use eBay to buy and sell their games and gaming systems. A typical gamer will buy the latest system, play it for 8 hours a day for four weeks then sell it on and find something new to entertain them, which means there is always an abundance of buyers on the hunt for a new system to entertain them.

There are alot of niches that you could go into in this area, for example, war games, racing games or adventure games to name a few.

6. Baby Gear
From toys to feeding equipment and strollers, baby gear is a highly profitable eBay market. Like clothing, there will always be a market for baby equipment and with the huge costs associated with bringing up a baby, it’s no wonder parents turn to buying online to find bargains and save themselves some money.

Hot Tip: Don’t be afraid to source second-hand or sample grade baby clothing – parents need to have an abundance of cheap clothing to change them into after they splash around in the puddles, play with mud or start a food fight with their sweater.

7. Healthy and Beauty
There are so many niches within the Health and Beauty market: weight loss supplements, anti-aging creams and vitamins, hair care, dental care, perfume and cologne, moisturizer, eye cream, microdermabrasion kits, hair and makeup brushes and applicators, hair removal kits or razors and shaving creams, manicure kits, eyelash curlers, tweezers and much more!

As with all categories, it really helps to sell something which you are really interested in or have experience with. For example, if you suffer from dandruff, selling dandruff treatments would be ideal as you can relate to your audience and give them a few tips along the way (would be great in your eBay About Me page).

Hot Tip: While brand-name items are top sellers in health and beauty, be very weary of Chinese suppliers offering these items very cheaply – they are likely to be fake and eBay cracks down very hard on anyone selling these products.

The above categories are highly competitive so when selling them, you must work hard to stand out from your competitors with great key words and item descriptions, and flawless customer service!

The links in the related posts will help you with ideas on how to write the great product descriptions and have great customer service.

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  1. Kerry says:

    Definitely agree on clothes. As you say, even in tougher economic times, people will always need to clothe themselves. Maybe not so much the designer items but casual clothing is probably a safe bet. And I don’t imagine there would be much difficulty in finding manufacturers and suppliers either, as there is always a demand for their products.

    Though I would say not to try to cover every single niche, you’ll tie yourself up in knots. Pick as many as you can stay on top of but don’t bite off more than you can chew.

  2. I definitely enjoying every little bit of it. It is a great website and nice share. I want to thank you. Good job!

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