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The Disadvantages When Working From Home

Working from home with eBay does have its disadvantages. Successful Business people are in a unique class of their own. They have the commitment and determination to a project and seeing it through. A lot of people don’t have this kind of discipline. That’s when working at home with eBay will be a disadvantage.

We hear about it all the time. A lucky little old lady with no means, purchases a new camera, and computer and almost overnight turns into a millionaire. Winning the lottery ought to be so easy! The reality is, majority of these particular stories are precisely that: they’re stories. Normally, you will find its attached to an advertisement for a product or a book that will show you how to become rich on eBay. Fabrications like these are pulling in many many people to jump into eBay, which may not be what they should do. When you create a business, you must have money available, and the time and desire to form a business. A big drawback of working at home using eBay is you could lose money if you’re not careful.

Losing money on eBay, you’ll never really hear about it? You’re right. There’s some articles about how somebody went belly up on eBay, Now really there should be a lot more but there aren’t. Fact is, you could easily lose your money with eBay, if you’re not careful. Let’s get started with fixed costs like fees. When you are selling something on eBay must pay a ‘listing’ fee. Then there’s other upgrades also. Gallery is free now, however, this used to be an added fee. Your listing fee varies on what you have as the starting price. Then on top of that is Final Value fee. This is the percentage eBay gives you, when you make a sale. If the product does not sell, you can relist once for free, then back to paying. This all soon adds up. If your using PayPal, this could increase costs too. What about an eBay shop? This will attract a monthly fee as well. The cost of shipping the product can cost more than you realize, On top of the actual Shipping fee. The price of gas and packing materials (if your taking it to the ship) may be added as well.Then there’s Inventory costs. If you’re not careful, you may lose money very rapidly These costs will catch up with you if you’re not careful. This makes Losing money the biggest disadvantage of working from home on eBay.

An additional problem is finding products you will sell on eBay. It is important that you must be careful when searching online for dealers. Many say they are certified by eBay when really, eBay doesn’t certify dealers/wholesalers. Be careful with drop shipping scams along with other scams that will offer you a turnkey eBay business for an annual fee. You’d be more fortunate finding the products yourself. If you want to have a successful eBay business you must learn to sell and also ship the goods. There’s not a magic solution to do this at a click of the mouse. You have to work. There is high potential of being ripped off, this is another big disadvantage of working from home with eBay.

Making Money using eBay takes some time, commitment and of course, money. Many people can not assign the right amount of energy and time into their online business when you have another job, family and also outside commitments. Before deciding to jump in the working at home wagon, make sure to understand what you’re getting yourself into. This is yet another disadvantage of working from home on eBay: the lack of information. Make sure to do the necessary research before making a decision you may regret.

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