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Can I Put a Downloadable Product on EBay?

It is possible to put certain types of downloadable products on eBay and there are certain rules that you have to follow. This article looks at the types of products allowed and the rules that also go with them. 1. You own the rights to the products. This is one of the most important rules – you have to own all of the rights to the product. – If you wish to sell a music CD it must be music that you have written – you can not sell music that you have got from iTunes, or from a concert, or off a CD that you have bought. – If you have made a movie and you own the rights to it, you can sell it. You can not sell movies that … Read entire article »

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Adding Photos to Your eBay Listing

Adding Photos to Your eBay Listing

A picture is worth a thousand words and this is so true when you are selling products on the internet. Having said that, the photo that you put up could also say “This person does not know how to use photos for selling on eBay” so here are some tips for getting the best possible photos for selling on eBay as well as photos that show each point – after all a picture is worth a … Read entire article »

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How to Price Your Items on eBay

Many people do not realize the importance of getting the pricing right when running eBay auctions. While eBay is an auctions site, these auctions are different from the kind of auctions that you would attend offline. Basically there are three types of prices for any eBay auction, which are explained below. Starting Bid Price This price must be set price out of all of the pricing options. It is a good idea to set this price low as this will encourage people to bid on your auction. Never put this price higher than $50 regardless of the value of your item. Reserve Price If you set a low starting bid price then you MUST set a reserve price. This price is the lowest that you will accept for the item that … Read entire article »

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Writing an eBay Title

Your eBay title is what buyers will see first, so make sure that it is relevant to your product! Don’t waste your title space by putting in things like Look or Great Deal or Low Price as no one searches for that! A good title will always have the main things in it, for example, brand name, maker, artist, or author to give you an idea. Here is a sample of an eBay title taken from the book section: Peter Corris – FREE POST OFFER! Now is the a book called FREE POST OFFER! Or is Peter Corris the author or the name of the book? There are no bids on this and the auction is closing in 3 minutes. I am not surprised! It could be re-written like this: PETER CORRIS … Read entire article »

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Writing an eBay Description

Once you have gained a buyers interest with the great title that you have written and they click your listing, they will be taken to your description. You have to maintain the buyers interest and here are some tips to help you write great descriptions. It is important to include as much as possible in the description – sometimes thinking to yourself “What would I like to know about this?” then answering that will help. The more information that you can give the less likely that you will be asked lots of questions. A well written, informative description will also let your prospective buyers know that you have taken the time to to give as much information as possible. Here are some things that you should absolutely have in the description. 1. What … Read entire article »

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