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My eBay Items Are Not Popular ?

Are you aware that there are over 29 million members of eBay and hundreds of millions of buyers who know about the strong presence of eBay and would want to have a go at least once at selling on eBay. Here is one more fact – at least 4% of the 29 million listed are power sellers, which is the elite class of the very high volume sellers. This 4% works out to be about 1.16 million and within the power sellers class the lowest level which is bronze makes at least $2,000 per month. And yet there are times when even these people think that they have failed to work out what the buyers want and that their products are not popular! That may be true, but they then change … Read entire article »

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Pre-owned Goods vs. New Goods

This question is not necessarily for the accomplished merchant on eBay at all. There’s still a good portion of sellers who sell both pre-owned and new items. But people new to eBay, the issue is doubtful. There are alot of both types of individual firms and those that sell well, or switch between either every now an then. Therefore, a new eBay vendor may face fewer apprehensions prices, the demand for products that they would like to put a sales and benefit margin. These are legitimate fears that have clean cut answers as well. Not all pro-owned products come cheap The first idea that emerges in the mind of pre-owned products are sold cheaply. This could be true in a range of goods such as appliances, cars or other forms of transport, consumer … Read entire article »

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How to Choose Brands and Products That Sell

Recognizing what is hot before selling on eBay with ordered stock for the season can see you making a lot of cash. If you can make an analogy about a clothing store and ask how the owners of an offline company on how they order at least half a year ahead and still able to accurately foretell the style in the near future. But it’s not magic, nor is there a formula to provide that guarantee. Hold Right There! We Are On eBay Do not jump to a conclusion just yet! Dont think that registering on eBay is is an easy way to crack the mystery. Watching a lot of eBay sellers specialize in their niche items, you might be allured to conform to suit. But that’s okay, if you have … Read entire article »

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How to Build a Customer Base From Home on eBay

Having a successful business you need to have customers. Because without buyers your business is very likely to fail rapidly. Do you want to learn how to stay at home and work on eBay? Build yourself a good customer base. This isn’t as hard as you think and additional contribution will pay off tenfold. So what’s a customer base? A customer base is the basis for people who bought from you previously, and can literally be a gold mine. It ‘s easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than it will be to go and find new ones. Majority of articles on selling on eBay and how to sell, will touch base on what to sell from your listing, but only some articles or books touch base on your current … Read entire article »

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Working From Home on eBay and Getting Beyond the Basics

So, you know about working from home using eBay and how to do it. You’ve done it for some time and would like to take business past the basic steps. There are things that you might be willing to do from this point. Let’s have a look. First let’s take a look at your ratings on eBay. To start entering the advanced features, you need to have a score of 10 or more. 20 is needed to open up an eBay store, then next 30 is needed for some auctions for multiple items. Instead of a necessary rating, you can choose to be verified with your ID on eBay. Now you understand the ratings, where are you on this scale? With a score of 10 or more, the Buy It Now … Read entire article »

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Setting up a Home Business on eBay and How To Do It

A lot of people are wanting to know, just how to create a home business using eBay working from home. This is depending on what it is you’re selling, There are some aspects that all sellers should be follow. Laying down the right foundation for any kind of business is a very important step. It’s like constructing a home, any business built on solid foundations will last for many years. Neglecting this information may result in any eBay business is not as good as one would like. First, make sure you have a camera – digital is preferred and access to the Internet -preferably at home. Not having these items will make it difficult to sell items on eBay. Ensure you have a PayPal and bank account . Although PayPal … Read entire article »

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Avoiding Fraud When Working from Home with eBay

Selling goods on the Internet is a great place where lots of money can be made. eBay is the one main place well known by people all over the globe. The good thing about it, is eBay is popular, and this also is its downfall. With the popularity of it all, there is vast potential of fraud. The big question is how do we avoid scams while you work at home with eBay. To be clear I’m not saying that eBay are rip offs – far from it really. There are loads of reputable sellers on eBay. In general, most of the people are dependable and are trying to do right by you. That being said there are unscrupulous companies claiming to be business partners of eBay being fraudulent. This … Read entire article »

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The Disadvantages When Working From Home

Working from home with eBay does have its disadvantages. Successful Business people are in a unique class of their own. They have the commitment and determination to a project and seeing it through. A lot of people don’t have this kind of discipline. That’s when working at home with eBay will be a disadvantage. We hear about it all the time. A lucky little old lady with no means, purchases a new camera, and computer and almost overnight turns into a millionaire. Winning the lottery ought to be so easy! The reality is, majority of these particular stories are precisely that: they’re stories. Normally, you will find its attached to an advertisement for a product or a book that will show you how to become rich on eBay. Fabrications like … Read entire article »

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