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Pre-owned Goods vs. New Goods

This question is not necessarily for the accomplished merchant on eBay at all. There’s still a good portion of sellers who sell both pre-owned and new items. But people new to eBay, the issue is doubtful. There are alot of both types of individual firms and those that sell well, or switch between either every now an then. Therefore, a new eBay vendor may face fewer apprehensions prices, the demand for products that they would like to put a sales and benefit margin. These are legitimate fears that have clean cut answers as well. Not all pro-owned products come cheap The first idea that emerges in the mind of pre-owned products are sold cheaply. This could be true in a range of goods such as appliances, cars or other forms of transport, consumer … Read entire article »

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7 Profitable eBay Categories

7 Profitable eBay Categories

Knowing where to start can be daunting, so here are 7 profitable eBay categories to help you get started. Each of the categories are large, but you will be able to see that there are alot of niches that are in them. 1. Clothing, Shoes and Accessories This is a great category as there are so many niches, for example, plus size t-shirts, novelty hats and comfort shoes. Naturally there are far more niches within … Read entire article »

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