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How to Build a Customer Base From Home on eBay

Having a successful business you need to have customers. Because without buyers your business is very likely to fail rapidly. Do you want to learn how to stay at home and work on eBay? Build yourself a good customer base. This isn’t as hard as you think and additional contribution will pay off tenfold. So what’s a customer base? A customer base is the basis for people who bought from you previously, and can literally be a gold mine. It ‘s easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than it will be to go and find new ones. Majority of articles on selling on eBay and how to sell, will touch base on what to sell from your listing, but only some articles or books touch base on your current … Read entire article »

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Avoiding Fraud When Working from Home with eBay

Selling goods on the Internet is a great place where lots of money can be made. eBay is the one main place well known by people all over the globe. The good thing about it, is eBay is popular, and this also is its downfall. With the popularity of it all, there is vast potential of fraud. The big question is how do we avoid scams while you work at home with eBay. To be clear I’m not saying that eBay are rip offs – far from it really. There are loads of reputable sellers on eBay. In general, most of the people are dependable and are trying to do right by you. That being said there are unscrupulous companies claiming to be business partners of eBay being fraudulent. This … Read entire article »

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Writing an eBay Description

Once you have gained a buyers interest with the great title that you have written and they click your listing, they will be taken to your description. You have to maintain the buyers interest and here are some tips to help you write great descriptions. It is important to include as much as possible in the description – sometimes thinking to yourself “What would I like to know about this?” then answering that will help. The more information that you can give the less likely that you will be asked lots of questions. A well written, informative description will also let your prospective buyers know that you have taken the time to to give as much information as possible. Here are some things that you should absolutely have in the description. 1. What … Read entire article »

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