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What is Drop Shipping

What is Drop Shipping

You may have heard the term drop shipping being used – it is even used on this site, but I have realised that I have not really explained it! So here is an explanation of drop shipping and how it can work for you and your successful eBay business. Drop shipping is the term used when the product distributor, the company that distributes the product takes care of all of the shipping for you. … Read entire article »

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5 Niche Markets for eBay

Finding a niche market is one of the most important things to do so you can really make it selling online. Did you know that the chances of being successful when you are a beginner increases when you focus on a small niche market instead of trying to appeal to everyone? Also, focusing on a niche market makes it easier for you – you get to know your product and you can build up a very good relationship and end up with repeat customers. Eventually they may sign up to be notified when ever you add new products. To start you off, here are some great ideas for products. While these ideas may seem at first a little abstract – that is precisely what an excellent niche is – … Read entire article »

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