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How to Choose Brands and Products That Sell

Recognizing what is hot before selling on eBay with ordered stock for the season can see you making a lot of cash. If you can make an analogy about a clothing store and ask how the owners of an offline company on how they order at least half a year ahead and still able to accurately foretell the style in the near future. But it’s not magic, nor is there a formula to provide that guarantee. Hold Right There! We Are On eBay Do not jump to a conclusion just yet! Dont think that registering on eBay is is an easy way to crack the mystery. Watching a lot of eBay sellers specialize in their niche items, you might be allured to conform to suit. But that’s okay, if you have … Read entire article »

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How to Build a Customer Base From Home on eBay

Having a successful business you need to have customers. Because without buyers your business is very likely to fail rapidly. Do you want to learn how to stay at home and work on eBay? Build yourself a good customer base. This isn’t as hard as you think and additional contribution will pay off tenfold. So what’s a customer base? A customer base is the basis for people who bought from you previously, and can literally be a gold mine. It ‘s easier and cheaper to sell to existing customers than it will be to go and find new ones. Majority of articles on selling on eBay and how to sell, will touch base on what to sell from your listing, but only some articles or books touch base on your current … Read entire article »

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Adding Photos to Your eBay Listing

Adding Photos to Your eBay Listing

A picture is worth a thousand words and this is so true when you are selling products on the internet. Having said that, the photo that you put up could also say “This person does not know how to use photos for selling on eBay” so here are some tips for getting the best possible photos for selling on eBay as well as photos that show each point – after all a picture is worth a … Read entire article »

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How to Become an eBay Powerseller

How to Become an eBay Powerseller

Once you understand what an eBay Powerseller is and you decide that you would like to become one you may need to change the way that you do business on eBay. Firstly, eBay Powersellers are serious about their eBay business and they maintain it. So if you are selling on eBay just to get rid of extra items that you may have around the house, then becoming an eBay Powerseller may not be for you. eBay … Read entire article »

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Selling on eBay

Selling on eBay

If you are just starting out and are testing the waters to see to learn how to sell on eBay, or you have been selling on eBay for a while, these general tips are to help you get the most out of selling on eBay. Firstly you must research the product that you are thinking of selling. Find products similar to yours on eBay to try and get a figure of the price that it is … Read entire article »

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