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Working From Home on eBay and Getting Beyond the Basics

So, you know about working from home using eBay and how to do it. You’ve done it for some time and would like to take business past the basic steps. There are things that you might be willing to do from this point. Let’s have a look. First let’s take a look at your ratings on eBay. To start entering the advanced features, you need to have a score of 10 or more. 20 is needed to open up an eBay store, then next 30 is needed for some auctions for multiple items. Instead of a necessary rating, you can choose to be verified with your ID on eBay. Now you understand the ratings, where are you on this scale? With a score of 10 or more, the Buy It Now … Read entire article »

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What is an eBay Business?

An eBay business is an online business that is at eBay where you can tap into the large customer base in order to sell your products. As with any business, you need to make sure that you have a plan of exactly how you are going to create your business. … Read entire article »

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